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  • Why Won’t Banks Lend to SMEs? Why Aren’t They Lending to You?

    Posted: 11th March 2019
    Employing more than 16.3million people, and annually turning over more than £2 trillion, why are banks so reluctant to lend to SMEs?
  • S T O P P R E S S

    Posted: 25th February 2019


    Cash Chaos In Construction Industry

    Fast Finance NOW Available

    FACT: 42% of Builders Have Reported Loan Delays & Refusals Read more...

  • S T O P P R E S S

    Posted: 14th February 2019

    Fleximize Broker of the YEAR

    What can we say; we’ve not scooped another ‘Broker of the Month’ accolade. Nope, we’ve only gone and scooped the Broker of the YEAR award by leading finance provider, Fleximize. Read more...

  • Let Us Play Cupid To Your Cashflow

    Posted: 12th February 2019
    Forget dating the devil this Valentine’s Day, instead let us play Cupid to your cashflow.
  • Myth: Business Loans Are Only for Failing Businesses

    Posted: 4th February 2019
    It’s a complete myth,complete fabrication in fact, that business loans are only just for failing businesses. In fact, businesses that use finance solutions to prosper will expand, grow and thrive far quicker than their competitors.
  • Posted: 21st January 2019
  • Here's Why Your Business Needs a Loan

    Posted: 21st January 2019

    We dare you, think outside the box... 

    MYTH:Business loans aren’t for failing businesses.

    FACT:Business loans help businesses to grow, expand and thrive. Read more...

  • #FastFinance

    Posted: 14th January 2019

    Need finance? Need it fast? Then look no further.

    We arrange business finance in record time! So fast in fact, we even created our own #hashtag - #FastFinance. Read more...

  • New Year. New Business Finances.

    Posted: 3rd January 2019
    It’s time to think about the year ahead, to plan how you will achieve growth; and importantly to ask yourself, “are my finances ready for what 2019 has in store?”
  • Fleximize Broker of the Month

    Posted: 18th December 2018
    Another prestigious accolade has been won by the team here at Cashflow Bridge – leading loans provider, Fleximize, has awarded us with the coveted title of Broker of the Month for November.

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