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Changing Business Finance

How It Works

What we do

Same Day Unsecured Funds

We can provide finance fast, in fact, with the right information we can have finance arranged on the same day that you apply.

Start-up finance

Financing a start-up business is notoriously hard to do. We have access to finance that can provide the initial funding injection needed to get a business going. 

Short & long term loans

Whether you needs are for a few days or a few years, we can arrange the finance to suit your particular requirements. We also have access to interest only and deferred payment schemes.

Stock finance

We can finance large one-off stock purchases from the UK or overseas. We can also raise working capital funds secured on stock assets.

Trade finance

If you are importing goods from overseas, we can help with paying your suppliers on their payment terms. 

Bridging Finance

We can provide short term funds to complete a property transaction or to complete an unfinished property development project.


The Process

  1. You contact us via our form or email or call us on 07785 596053
  2. We undertake a complete assessment of your circumstances and requirements
  3. On the basis of the information gathered we discuss the options available to you
  4. We explain to you how the facilities works and how much you will be charged
  5. We both agree on the facility best suited for you and your business
  6. We put together applications on your behalf and approach selected lenders
  7. We get a fast decision (normally within 48 hours)
  8. We send the relevant paperwork to you to be checked, signed and returned
  9. Funds are then transferred to you bank


How we can help you


VAT & PAYE issues


If you have missed VAT and PAYE payments and are under pressure from HMRC we can provide short term or long terms solutions.  


Large stock purchases


It’s frustrating when the opportunity to purchase bulk or cheap stock comes along and you don’t have the funds to buy it, particularly when you know that your sales margins will be very healthy. We can provide stock finance that is repaid as your stock is sold. 


Raising funds on existing stock or assets


If you require working capital and have unsecured assets, we can arrange finance secured directly on the assets. Funds can be in your bank in a matter of days.


Completion of property developments


If you are a property developer that has run out of funds and need help to complete your development, we can arrange funding to see you over the finishing post.


Start up support






Importing goods






Working capital funding