Why Your SME Needs to Fight, Not Flight

Posted: 13th April 2021

Your SME needs to fight. It needs to fight hard. Your SME will not give in, it will rise again to mighty heights.

FACT: SMEs contribute 47% of all revenue to the UK economy.

Why? Because this great nation needs your SME business to succeed. SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy.  

FACT: SMEs help stimulate the economy.

As such SMEs need to kick the last 12 months into the past and concentrate on continuing to being great once again; whether Covid has held your business back or catapulted you to good fortunes.

As Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, once said. I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” 

SMEs, even when faced with the greatest of challenges persevere. 

FACT: A flight response is never the right way to approach business.

SMEs have a key role in boosting productivity – as employers, contributions to the treasury and keeping supply chains moving; you just need the support to seize all growth opportunities for your business.

FACT: Cashflow Bridge supports SMEs to achieve growth through tailored finance.

That’s why you need to talk to us about the right finance to make your growth happen, without being held back.  Help the UK economy fight back with the right finance.   

FACT: SMEs account for half of all turnover in the UK private sector.

Just imagine what a cashflow injection could do for your business…

Without a doubt, we have huge access to the UK lending market, thanks to our independent broker status, without any ties, contracts or bonuses attached to your lending.    Only honest and impartial guidance and advice will be given to you in helping your SME secure the finance solution it needs.   We know the specific and constantly changing lending criteria of all financial providers, each application is matched to the most appropriate lender, which means your credit score is protected because you are unlikely to have your application declined.

We are able to provide you with instant indicative costings so you can gauge how much your finance will cost, we navigate all the paperwork for you, and we usually secure your lending at a lower rate than if you were to go direct and faster thanks to our coveted fast track status. 

We arrange SME finance including… 

We are also best placed to advise you on consolidation loans – an efficient way to reduce and manage your existing payments into one lower monthly repayment loan.  

We also arrange multifaceted finance solutions whereby a number of options are put together to tailor the best finance to your individual needs. 

All our advice and arrangement of your lending is without charge. We are renumerated directly by the lender, without any hidden charges or fees associated to your financial agreement. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Call us NOW and see how your SME can fight with the right finance behind it – guaranteed! 

Call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, today on his direct line – 07917 871832 or email his team at info@cashflowbridge.co.uk

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