Why, Without Investment, Your SME Will Suffer

Posted: 1st December 2021

Without investment, growth becomes stunted.

It’s a myth to think only failing businesses seek cashflow injections. The world over, the largest and most successful companies use external finance to fund expansion.

Business loans – and there are so many available within the UK lending market – can give a great cash boost to an already thriving business.

Without investment how can your business…

A huge area for investment currently is digital technology. A recent report cited that SMEs are investing on average of £85k into digital technologies and systems over the next 12mths.   Many – 46% - are doing this to support their online offering, which they have expanded during lockdown  – arguably critical for future success.   Unsurprisingly, younger SME owners, 18 – 34 years, are estimating their investment will be far higher than this, at a generous £125k, significantly more than ‘older’ SME owners who expect to only invest around £17k.

Investment, whether that is digital or machinery, staffing etc. cannot be achieved without cashflow.  Many businesses, even the most successful, do not have a robust enough cashflow, or sufficient working capital, to fund investment for themselves.  That’s why businesses, just like yours, come to an independent broker like us here at Cashflow Bridge for honest, impartial and transparent advice on their SME finance options.

As an independent broker, with unrivalled experience and knowledge, we are able to unlock exclusive rates for SME owners on their business finance.  These rates are not available when a business goes direct – you will not be able to access them.  What’s more, due to our coveted fast track status with most lenders, we arrange your finance faster too.

Lending to SMEs has never been more buoyant or positive.  Even if you’ve been refused finance in the past, or simply have no credit score, or a bad one, we will be able to find a lender who will agree to your request. 

As Managing Director, Kevin Weaver says, “Lending to SMEs in 2021 has improved month on month.  Now, as we move into Q4 the mood is even more positive by SMEs and lenders alike – they are literally ready, eager and waiting to fund your business.”  There really isn’t a better time to invest – not only to grow your business, but also to keep up with the competition. If your competitors are advancing you will be left behind.

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Our free, no obligation advice is just a call away.  Over a simple phone call we’ll be in a position to advise you on the right type of finance for your exact business needs.  We can even provide indicative quotations to give you a realistic idea of how much your lending will cost.  This could be from traditional finance, dynamic lending or alternative finance – even a mix of all for a multifaceted solution.

Kevin continues, “We do not charge for our services – we are renumerated directly by the lender, without any hidden fees or charges added onto your loan – everything is transparent, honest and above board.”

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 * Report by Nucleus Commercial Finance.

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