Why Cashflow, Not Profit Is The King Of Business Planning

Posted: 11th May 2020

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: cashflow is King! Over the years we’ve seen many inherently profitable businesses fail. Why? They’ve run out of cash.

Cashflow allows you to grow your business – you need to buy stock, materials, day to day overheads, staffing, production, warehousing etc. How can you do this without a robust cashflow or access to working capital?

Without cashflow you cannot survive or expand; cashflow then naturally brings financial stability and in turn genuine profit.

The right cashflow injection can boost your financial stability. It can help get your business back on an even keel after these unprecedented times and pressure that many SMEs have experienced in lockdown.

We’ll say it again, cashflow is King!

What many businesses don’t realise is that their bank is not the only option for cashflow finance. What’s more, there are so many other finance options for cashflow than just a straightforward loan.

As an independent broker we have access to all the varying finance options available on the market. It means we can provide sound financial advice on the right finance – whether that’s alternative finance options, traditional loans, stock finance, cashflow injections, asset lending; the list goes on...

Our finance options access cashflow for your business to move on and through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As mentioned, we are an independent broker; this means we are not tied to any lenders, contracts or targets. You are not charged by us or the lender to arrange your finance. With years of experience and industry experts on hand to answer your questions, we will give you straightforward and honest advice, and most importantly in plain English with no confusing ‘jargon’ to decipher.

The Process

You should never be afraid to ‘talk money’. It’s not a taboo subject. Talking to the right people – independent brokers such as ourselves – has meant that 1,000s of SMEs have received the right information about the finance to suit their business and their needs.

Call us today - 07785 596053 - let us help you realise your finance options to help your business through the uncertainty of the few months, or email carole@capitalcorporate.co.uk 

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