What’s In A Name?

Posted: 30th April 2018


A good question! Well, for us, our name means everything – for you!

We are the ‘bridge’ to your ‘cashflow’ needs – Cashflow Bridge.

Whether it’s to expand to get ahead of your competitors, to invest in new equipment for better productivity, to finance a takeover bid or simply to give your business a cash injection, an unsecured or secured loan could be the bridge to taking your business to the new level of success.

Having cashflow is critical to any business. Yet with regular overheads, late paying customers and unexpected bills, cashflow can dry up. Your business needs cash and it needs it quick.

As experts in the unsecured and secured loans market, we are one of the UK’s few independent brokers.

With access to the whole of the market, we aren’t restricted to limited lenders. Nor are we limited to traditional lenders or conventional options. For example, there are many new lenders to the market, offering a wide range of interesting, varied and flexible lending schemes.

What this means for your business is that you get the right funding, from the right lender at the right rate.

Without the knowledge and guidance of a specialist broker like us many businesses can find the task of finding the right finance somewhat of a minefield – all that technical jargon, hidden small print and confusing rates. As a result they tend to go to a high street bank or lender because it’s the easy option. Yes, you want easy (it’s simple with Cashflow Bridge) but you don’t want it to be the more expensive option or the wrong one!

Our understanding of the market means that we approach the right lender for your business – we don’t approach unsuitable lenders that we know will either decline your application or offer you a higher rate.

Whether you’re a start up needing a cashflow injection, without attributing any assets or collateral to your lending, or an established business looking to grow, here at Cashflow Bridge we know we can secure you the deal that’s right for you, up to £5 million.

Give us a call – 07902 032738 – or email us – info@cashflowbridge.co.uk - and see how we will bridge your cashflow needs, finding you the right finance, with the right lender at the right rate!


Image courtesy of Ventrilock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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