What An Independent Broker Means To You

Posted: 3rd August 2021

The best advice for your business, without any bias based around contracts or target arrangements with lenders, is from a broker that is 100% independent – like Cashflow Bridge.  It also means, your SME finance is arrange quicker and cheaper too due to our sound expert knowledge. 

What an independent broker means to you...

In short, that’s what our independence means to your SME.

FACT:  Without being bound by any targets or bonuses we only offer impartial, honest and unbiased advice for your business.  

FACT: We only advise on lending that 100% meets your needs, not ours. 

Instant Quotes – No Obligation
Without any obligation we can provide indicative pricing to give you a realistic guide as to how much your finance would cost your business. And if you choose to proceed, we even deal with all the paperwork on your behalf, explaining everything in plain English every step of the way, not complicated ‘jargon’.  We believe you need to understand your finance options, so baffling you with ‘science’, in our view, is unhelpful.

FACT: We are one of the few truly independent brokers in the UK, with an enviable reputation. 

Our Founder, Carole Roe, is one of the most highly regarded brokers in the industry, and our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, is multi-award winning.

As an independent broker, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with UK lenders. We’ve worked hard on our relationship with lenders and as a result we have direct contact with decision makers and underwriters. This has only been possible due to our outstanding knowledge within the UK lending market and our reputation for proposing quality deals.

So how can you be sure of the best finance if you aren’t searching the whole of the market?  

We have fast track status with many lenders that means we can arrange your SME finance far faster, and usually lower rates, than if you were to go direct.

It also means we can arrange very specific lending solutions including complex multifaceted options. This could result in vital cashflow injections through traditional means such as banking and asset based lending, investment funding and an ever increasing array of alternative finance options in the mix.  Our Founding Director, Carole Roe, has spent decades in the SME finance market – call her today and she’ll give you unrivalled support and advice on all of your finance options from all available lenders – 07785 596053

And it’s not just about the most suitable rates and terms for your business, it’s also about finding you the right lender. A lender who understands your industry, a lender who understands any challenges you may have experienced or supports your growth. A lender that speaks your language.

Refused Finance?
Even if you’ve been refused business finance before it’s highly likely we will be able to secure a finance solution for you. We know what lenders show more empathy to those businesses who have either a bad or no credit score. 

In short, we guarantee to arrange the right finance, from the right provider, at the right rate thanks to our independent broker status.

So, call us today and let us find you the best SME finance option for your business, which could include… 

Waiting For Your Call… call Carole Roe today on 07785 596053 or email the team at info@cashflowbridge.co.uk


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