Want To Reduce Your Loan Charges, Term and Rates?

Posted: 11th December 2019

Need Cheaper, Shorter Finance?

Consider Consolidation!

For businesses with many multiple loans take note!

It’s a New Year. It’s time for new finance. It’s time to re-finance.

And the sensible thing to do this New Year is consolidate all your existing business loans into one manageable one.

Many businesses fall foul of multiple loans. They often aren’t on the best rates. There have different standing order dates to remember, making reconciliation of your books tricky trying to whilst juggling cashflow.

Consolidating your business finance by swapping expensive loans for affordable lending.

If you consolidate your loans you’ll find repaying your debt far easier and far more affordable – guaranteed!

Consolidate your loans into one and you will benefit from changing your terms and lowering your month payment.

What’s more, consolidation allows you to manage your cashflow because you will be in control of monies going out, and those monies will be less – freeing up invaluable working capital to plough into investment and expansion; giving you financial stability.

Let us consolidate your loans and we’ll do all the work for you...

We know exactly what lenders to approach on your behalf, lenders who we know will agree to your lending so there are no refusals of finance and no bad credit score for you to have to worry about.

We guarantee to find you the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate.

Call us today on 07917 871832 or 07902 032738, or email us at info@cashflowbridge.co.uk

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