Vital Investment Surge for SMEs of £97,000

Posted: 11th June 2021

As lockdown eases, Government roadmaps make headway, SMEs are now in a position to look at securing their future by investing in their businesses.

A surge in business growth investment is expected, with many SMEs surveyed reported to be investing an average of £97,000 into their business over the next 12 months.

As the backbone of the British economy, SMEs need help and support for growth, following, for many, a difficult 2020/21. 

SME finance investment provides an important cashflow boost enabling companies to invest in stock, machinery, staff, premises and technologies as well as being able to negotiate better terms with suppliers.

SMEs are full of optimism for 2021.  Business will get back to normal, and the doom and gloom of 2020 will soon become a distant memory giving way to rebuilding market position. In turn, this will enable growth as businesses become stronger, bigger and better.” Says Kevin Weaver, Managing Director, Cashflow Bridge. 

This average £97k investment for SMEs will be spread across a number of areas vital in aiding a business’s recovery – 25% investing in their online presence, 21% investing in new equipment, 20% investing in employee training. Such investment shows a real confidence for the next 12 months; and it’s reflected in SME prosperity and SME forecasting for this year with consumer spending up; seeing supply and demand high and increased GDP forecasts.

Lenders and financial providers recognise this positivity in the economy and as such are offering terms, rates and choice at pre-pandemic levels.   Acceptances are high and SMEs are securing finance offers better than ever before.

This optimism is supported by another recent survey**, that reported SME confidence is at its highest over the last two and a half years, with some SMEs citing they would be actively looking to recruit new members of staff this year.

Adding, Kevin, says, “The underwriting is now largely carried out by 'real people' rather than a scored computer generated system. It means applications take into account real circumstances, business forecasts and sympathetically reviews the reality of what a business has endured in the last year. 

The entire process for SME finance is fairer – especially to those businesses who have been denied funding in the past or do not have a good credit score. Decisions are more rounded and considerate.”

If your SME needs investment for growth then pick up the phone and call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, directly, today, on 07917 871832.

Cashflow Bridge is an independent broker with an enviable reputation – this gives us fast track status and we are often able to arrange your finance far quicker, and often cheaper, than if you were to go direct.   The reason for this is because of our expert knowledge which means we only approach lenders who we know will approve your lending as you meet their criteria – this saves much ‘hoop jumping’ and so saves your SME time and money, not to mention not effecting your credit rating by receiving no refusals, only firm offers.

Bound by no contracts, targets or bonuses, we offer only impartial and honest advice over what SME finance is best for your business - whether that is traditional lending or alternative finance. We have access to the entire UK lending market to ensure your business is matched with the right lender, at the right rate including:

We are even able to help your business secure finance if you’ve been refused finance before or have bad credit.

There are no fees or hidden charges for us to arrange your finance, we are renumerated directly by the lender.  

Invest in your future now by calling Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, today on his direct line – 07917 871832 or email his team at

 * Survey carried out by Aldermore Bank.

  ** Survey carried out by Lloyds Bank Business Barometer


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