VAT Bills

Posted: 21st September 2015

The sleepless night inducing dark cloud that hangs over our heads.

The dreaded VAT quarter is upon us. September’s VAT looms, and with it springs those belt tightening choices that in some cases can really cut a company short. It’s not something you can shirk or avoid. The HMRC put it very clearly on their website:

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will take ‘enforcement action’ to get the money - you may be able to avoid this if you contact them.

There are a number of enforcement actions HMRC can take to get the tax you owe. They can:

If you don’t pay your tax on time, you’ll probably have to pay interest on the outstanding amount. You may also have to pay a penalty or surcharge.”


However! There is no longer a need for anyone to cower away from the VAT man!

With our network of funders we have and can provide a quick, easy injection of cash. This allows you to take back control and spread your HMRC payments without having to enter into an arrangement thus bearing the eye watering charges they slap on for late payments.

If you or your clients are staring into the HMRC abyss wondering if there’s any escape fear not! Give us a call on 01992 807 909 or email us on and speak to us about options. We will work tirelessly in the background to formulate a solution, allowing you or your clients to focus on what’s important; the company. What’s more we do not charge a penny for our service!

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