UK FIRST - First of its Kind Finance Arranged by Cashflow Bridge

Posted: 5th January 2018

S T O P   P R E S S 

In a unique brokering deal, the first of its kind in the UK, Cashflow Bridge has been instrumental in securing funding of over £2million pounds through a one-off multiple lender arrangement.

The client, Fischer D’Alton, wanted to purchase a large construction company and then in turn look to acquire a number of smaller companies within the construction industry, as part of their strategic growth development plans. As a result, they needed to raise the cash quickly – time was of the essence as ideal companies were readily available to acquire.

Nigel Cowdrey, Director of Fischer D’Alton was recommended to speak to Leanne Barry at Cashflow Bridge. As specialist brokers in unsecured and secured lending, and with enviable relationships with market leading lenders, he knew that if anyone could secure funding, it would be them.

And he was right. In a concept developed by Cashflow Bridge’s Director, Leanne Barry, multiple lenders were approached to fund this unique project. This was when Cashflow Bridge’s experience and knowledge came into its own. Its strong relationships with a huge amount of lenders in the market place, including many newer providers who have less rigid and staid views over borrowing and instead have a more open minded views over new ways in which to lend.

This meant that many lenders could be approached with this new and innovative funding idea – Leanne simply had to pitch this multi-lender concept and propose the different ways in which to raise the capital, through a mix of unsecured loans and invoice finance.

As Leanne says, “As a broker it’s my job to ensure the very best deals for my clients – making sure they have the right deal at the right price. By using a broker, such as myself, clients have a far wider choice than ever before. Now a traditional loan from a high street bank isn’t the only option – especially at an economic time when their acceptance to lend is diminishing.”

Successfully pulling together a variety of providers, through a selection of lending means, over £2 million was raised through this new to the UK market multi-lender deal. As a result, this complex deal was signed and agreed, with all monies in Fisher D’Alton’s solicitor’s account within just a few days following the acceptances from all of the lenders.

Leanne continues, “Now alternative finance can be sourced, that’s tailored to suit each business’s needs. It means funding can be raised when banks either won’t, or can’t, lend.”

This deal will needlessly open up a wealth of funding opportunities to other businesses, looking to raise large capital amounts through a mix of borrowing options through numerous lenders.

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