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Posted: 2nd September 2020

Popular, flexible and easily arranged, unsecured loans for SMEs are trending right now. 

With a huge range of lenders to choose from, we, at Cashflow Bridge, are best placed to arrange your unsecured business loan; usually cheaper and quicker than going direct. 

The marketplace is now buoyant with financiers offering extremely good rates and terms as normal lending resumes. An ideal way for SMEs to fund their business recovery as they start to rebuild their businesses coming out of the COVID pandemic.

With no assets to secure against lending, something that most Banks will demand, SMEs can still have access to much needed cashflow.

It's this flexibility offered by unsecured loans that will help many, many businesses get back to normality after this business changing pandemic.

Official business lending is highly recommended for businesses as SMEs are warned against using their own personal finances. Instead, a specific and tailored business loan can provide SMEs with cash injections to either boost productivity for those thriving during the pandemic or for those needing a welcome cashflow boost to help them through and out of lockdown.

Financial stability is key to the success of a business – this is achieved through cashflow. Many businesses cannot take advantage of maximising opportunities or covering monthly outgoings simply due to lack of cashflow and therefore fail.

FACT: 50% of businesses fail after 5 years due to lack of cashflow!

This is why unsecured SME business loans are trending in the UK right now.

And it is why many SMEs are using Cashflow Bridge's expertise in the loans and lending market to help them achieve financial security.

As one of the few truly independent brokers in the UK, Cashflow Bridge is not tied to any lender, has no contracts or targets to meet and therefore offers only honest and impartial advice to SMEs. What's more, remunerated by the lender, there are no charges or fees made to arrange business finance.

FACT: Cashflow Bridge is best placed to guarantee to find each and every SME:

Unsecured loans are available...

Cashflow Bridge is also one of the few brokers authorised to arrange the Government's CBILS loans. These loans offer SMEs financial backing with no repayments for 12 months, with rates between 3-6%, up to £250,000.

With many SMEs struggling to secure CBILS themselves, due to the complex way in which they must be applied for, Cashflow Bridge is seeing a 90% acceptance rate in SME applications (compared to just 50% nationwide) and usually arranged within just 36hrs.

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