SMEs Have Spoken And This Is What They Want & Expect From Finance

Posted: 23rd February 2021

SMEs have spoken! 

This is what they now need, want and expect from their finance. 

Here at Cashflow Bridge (CFB) we’ve heard these SMEs loud and clear, especially during the past challenging year, and we deliver exactly what they want from their finance solutions.

Sympathetic and Empathetic Lenders

The last 12 months have been tough. SMEs want their lenders to be sympathetic to the challenges they have had to face.

Here at CFB we can assure you that many lenders are very understanding to the challenges you may have experienced. As such, rather than more ‘robotic’ and automated responses, real people are making the decisions, carefully looking at all aspects of your request and how your business was performing before any dips caused by the pandemic

We have processed a huge number of loan applications during lockdown and are able to boast a success rate of over 90%, against a national average of around 50%.

Whilst some have taken a more cautious approach, many lenders are fully supportive of the challenges SMEs have been facing, and are supporting them. Lenders want SMEs to succeed and the right finance can very much help them achieve this success. 

Fast Decisions

Time is of the essence, SMEs do not want to be waiting for weeks and weeks to have their finance agreed. Here at CFB we can usually arrange your finance, with the money in your bank, within just a few days. 

What’s more, because of our independent broker status we have access to the whole market and with our reputation of bringing quality deals to the market we are often given priority when it comes to underwriting.  This can see your lending arranged faster and often at better rates than if you were to go direct.

Low Rates & Flexibility

Competitive lending rates are key at this time, as is flexibility in terms. Forecasts are changing for businesses, so SMEs are wanting their lending to reflect that change. 

At CFB we have lenders who can offer you payment breaks without any penalties, finance without set up fees and without any early repayment fees

We are also able to arrange the Government backed CBILS loans for up to £500k – with nothing to pay for 12 months they are the ideal cashflow loans for SMEs whether they need urgent cashflow injections for survival or working capital for investment and growth.

Tailored Finance

SMEs want tailored finance, ideally suited to their individual needs. SMEs do not want blanket loans – one size does not fit all.

At CFB we can offer a large range of financial solutions, tailored to your exact business requirements.  Our independent broker status sees us have exclusive, full access to all SME finance options available within the UK, including…

Support For Growth

SMEs want supportive lenders, lenders who will get behind them and help them maximise growth opportunities, whether that is through additional lending in the future or simply to feel that their lenders understand them as a business and the industry they are in.

When we match an SME to a lender, we ensure that the lender is the right fit for the business. A good solid relationship between the borrower and lender is vital for success. Our expert knowledge of lenders ensures we expertly match the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate

Impartial, Honest Advice

SMEs are tired of being given finance advice that suits lenders, or from brokers only because they are tied to specific lenders, targets or commissions.

Here at CFB we keep reiterating our independent broker status.  We are 100% independent. This means we are not tied to any lenders or providers. We have access to the whole of the UK marketplace. We are not bound by targets, contracts or bonuses. We only therefore offer unbiased financial advice that suits your business needs.  Our advice to you is free. We are renumerated by the lender, without any hidden costs or charges associated to your lending.

Together Let’s Get Your SME Heard!

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