SME Lending – Upbeat, Positive and AVAILABLE!

Posted: 18th November 2021

As we settle into Q4, here, Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, shares his knowledge and thoughts on the SME UK lending market and opportunities for small and medium businesses to take advantage of some never seen before deals.

“Lending to SMEs in 2021 has improved month on month.  Now, as we settle into Q4 the mood is even more positive by SMEs and lenders alike – they are literally ready, eager and waiting to fund your business.

What we were seeing in Q3, and continuing into Q4, is that no industry is out of bounds for lending.  There are no restrictions on sectors, with all business areas being readily supported with some superb, tailored business finance deals.

At a finance trade show I recently attended, the atmosphere was upbeat. Lenders are adaptable and flexible.  New tier schemes have been introduced, for example, so start ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses can all enjoy low rates and flexible terms, even those previously refused finance or have a bad credit history.

As a result of this, when we speak to SME owners, the mood is buoyant and positive.  Workload is growing, expansion and growth is expected. Overall, the temperament of business owners is hugely optimistic.   This is mirrored in a recent report this month by the Santander Trade Barometer that cites business confidence is at a record high – it’s highest in 3 years!

This growth and increase in workload is now needing to be supported with suitable investment by SMEs so they can really thrive. 

There are many reasons SMEs want to look at finance options – far from being a failing business, they are all successful – even the largest most profitable businesses have credit!   They want to move to larger premises to be able to increase warehousing space, they want to upgrade new technologies to work harder and smarter, new machinery is required to increase productivity, more staff are needed to increase output.  Equally, many are now realising that by having a cashflow injection in their bank, to act as working capital, better terms can be negotiated with suppliers on raw materials and economies of scale, all adding to their increased profit lines.

Over the last few months we are seeing lenders release a variety of finance options that have never been seen before – not only have rates and terms gone back to pre-pandemic levels but many are offering better than ever before deals. 

We are also witnessing many new, additional financiers launching into the UK business lending market.  This is great news for SME businesses as there’s even more choice.

Traditional lending is still often a first port of call, yet dynamic lenders are increasingly popular as they tend to offer more flexible terms such as payment holidays and no early repayment penalties.

Alternative finance, such as invoice finance, is massively rising in popularity too, as late payment worsens, and businesses are needing to guarantee their cashflow is secure.

So, if your business wants to grow it should seize the day and seriously look at the SME finance options available to you.

To fully review all your options it’s always better to use a broker who can approach lenders on your behalf and fully understand, what can sometimes be, a confusing finance arena. An independent broker, like myself, here at Cashflow Bridge, means I can search the entire UK lending market on your behalf, carefully qualifying your application and only approaching lenders who I know will approve your application – no refusals and no damage to your credit score - without any bias, targets or contracts.

I can secure your business finance from as little as £20k up to £5m!

We also unlock exclusive rates, arranging them quicker and cheaper than you can by going direct due to our elite independent broker status.

We do not charge for our services – we are renumerated directly by the lender, without any hidden fees or charges added onto your loan – everything is transparent, honest and above board.”

 So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with Kevin and his team today for the very latest, and best, SME finance deals.  Call him direct on 07917 871832 or email his team at


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