SME Lending Slowdown?

Posted: 26th April 2019

There has been a rapid decline in lending opportunities to SMEs, according to a recent report by the British Business Bank.

It’s also been revealed that over one third of SMEs say they think lending and loan applications will be more difficult to achieve after Brexit.

FACT: Nothing’s impossible; in fact, our approvals have increasedtenfold in the last 12 months for our SME customers.

We are an independent broker; financial experts with relationships with all major UK lenders – fact. This includes traditional providers and newer, more dynamic lenders offering a more flexible lending criteria. This means, even if you’ve been refused finance before, we are able to find you the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate – guaranteed.

There are a myriad of lenders in today’s market place very willing and able to lend to SMEs like you.

It’s impossible for you to be aware of the entire UK lending market. You don’t know what lenders have what deals and who they will lend to. We however, do!

This means, whatever your circumstance we know which lenders to approach for your finance needs – whether you’re a start up, established business or have ever been refused finance in the past.

On a positive note, in the same report, over half of those SMEs polled believed their business would grow in the next 12 months.

Growth is accelerated by borrowing and funding

FACT: SMEs, with higher levels of borrowing, increased their turnover over the last five years by 57%. This was 51% higher than those SMEs without borrowing.

Having additional working capital can push your business into success. Cashflow through lending means you can invest in machinery, technology, premises, manpower; increasing output, negotiating better terms with suppliers, all of which boost SME financial success.

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