SME Finance – Available, Resumed and Ready NOW!

Posted: 22nd March 2021

As businesses enter Q2 trading we ask Cashflow Bridge’s Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, what the future holds for SME lending and finance now that the Government announced its roadmap out of lockdown.

The word for SME finance is availability. Without a doubt, availability of lending to SMEs is something to get excited about, with prosperity for 2021 and beyond real. Choices, options and possibilities for SME finance has gone back to pre-pandemic levels.” says Kevin.

“Standard lending has returned, with many lenders resuming their tailored availability of lending to businesses, mixed with low rates and flexibility. Most importantly, we are finding that the fast turnaround times are returning. This means decisions on applications we put forward are now made by real people (not automated systems) who take into account challenges and pre-Covid business levels. These decisions are made promptly, with monies quickly transferred to the borrower.” continues Kevin.

As an independent broker, Cashflow Bridge have fast track status with many lenders meaning we can arrange finance even faster than if you were to go direct because we speak directly to underwriters. It also means we are able to secure lending often at lower rates and on better terms than the borrower can if they were going direct to market.

Kevin goes on to say, “Lenders want to boost balance sheets and support SMEs so they can get back to doing what they do best. Financial support is critical for SME success – it aids growth and development in many way. The right financial support behind a business relieves pressure and aids success.” 

Continuing, Kevin says, “The availability of SME finance ensures that SMEs are getting the most suitable type of lending for their needs from a myriad of choices – traditional lending, alternative finance and loans designed specifically for consolidation.”

“Re-financing will increase as small and medium sized enterprise business owners look at their current funding and assess whether, in light of changes in the last 12 months, is working as productively for them as it could be.  This will also see an increase in consolidation whereby existing loans are settled and revised lending is arranged to not only reduce monthly outgoings but also to be more manageable within one monthly payment. Consolidation is expected to trend this year as it can be a much smarter way to finance a business as changes result in differing business practices as new finance becomes more flexible.”  

Thanks to our independent status, we at Cashflow Bridge have exceptional relationships with all UK lenders. It means we can renegotiate lending, settle finance early and make new lending work far harder and smarter than before.  Our tailored approach means we can recommend very specific finance for very specific needs.  This includes… 

Lenders actively want to lend. They want to see lending levels return to pre-pandemic heights. This also includes secured lending – ideal for those businesses who have either been refused finance or have a bad credit or no credit history.concludes Kevin.

This renewed confidence now means SMEs have the confidence to approach independent brokers, just like ourselves, to secure the best financial solutions for them; as well as peace of mind that they are receiving honest and impartial advice – without any ties or contracts to specific lenders and without any fees or charges either being applied upfront or associated to their lending. 

Need to learn more?  Kevin is always available to talk to you. Call him directly today on – 07917 871832 or email his team at

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