Save Money, Pay Less By Consolidating Your Debts

Posted: 10th March 2021

Instead of several loans, lending and finance options, you use us to help bring together all your lending into one loan, negotiated at a cheaper rate, better terms, with more flexibility.

 Having all your finance within one, easy to manage loan makes it much easier for you to manage your cashflow and working capital, resulting in far more financial stability for your business.

Repaying your debts is much easier when consolidated; and much easier to manage:

 Arranging your consolidated loan through an experienced, and independent broker, such as ourselves means the entire process is easy and straightforward.

During a simple and friendly phone call, or if you’d prefer a Covid-friendly Zoom meeting, one of our expert finance advisors – including our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, who you can call directly on 07917 871832 - will determine what type of consolidation loan is best for you.

You will be presented with options that include a choice of terms and rates from various providers – usually we can provide no obligation indicative pricing so you can gauge how much your new finance solution will cost you.

Only providers who we know will agree to your lending will be approached – this is due to our expert knowledge on each and every provider’s lending criteria.  As a result, you will not be subjected to refusals and thus having your credit score negatively affected.

Many SMEs wrongly assume they can only secure lending through traditional means, such as high street banks. That is simply not the case.  There are a huge range of lenders available to the SME marketplace from traditional lenders to alternative finance providers.  Over the last 9 months, since the first lockdown, lenders have been reviewing their lending offerings; they are now more sympathetic to businesses, understanding the turmoil many have experienced, decisions are commonly made now by ‘real people’ rather than an automated response – all in all, there’s been a real breakthrough for 2021 finance opportunities and prosperity.

Consolidate Now. Save Tomorrow

So what are you waiting for? Call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver today on 07917 871832 or email the team at

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