Posted: 9th September 2019

A major shakeup in the way VAT is paid will come into effect from 1stOctober 2019, affecting the construction and building industry.

Only now is this major, and legal, change hitting the headlines, with just weeks to go.

Currently, a construction/building company suppliers will charge VAT to its customer. The invoice will be paid, including the VAT to the supplier. This VAT value is then held by the supplier until they are due to pay their VAT; thus supporting cashflow and working capital throughout the year.

Now, the reverse charge will see the Supplier issue their invoice as usual, including the VAT amount. However, now the customer will pay the VAT directly to HMRC, not the supplier.

The reverse charge payment is being introduced by HMRC in an attempt to overcome major VAT fraud issues, rife in the construction and building industry.

Eligible businesses, needing to adhere to the new reverse charge, are those contractor and sub contractors who are VAT registered with the CIS and use the CIS to report payments.

Reverse charge VAT will apply to ‘services’ including alterations, construction, demolition, dismantling, extensions and repair to buildings, railways, roads and waterways – on standard and reduced rate VAT supplies, excluding zero rated supplies.

With legitimate businesses no longer able to benefit from holding VAT payments many, it is feared, will experience a huge deficit in their cashflow; threatening growth, expansion and even day-to-day overheads as this vital source of cashflow is taken away.

Did you know about these changes? You’re not alone, as previously mentioned, 69% of FMBs did not, and of those remaining 31%, only 67% are ready. “Ready” means big changes to the way in which a business manages and reports its accounts and of course, “ready” means managing finances.

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