Perfect Match On Urgent Loan For Marketing Agency

Posted: 29th June 2020

Availability of funding for urgent financial needs can quite literally make or break a business.

That's why reliable, expert finance advice from professionals can be invaluable, ensuring a suitable match between the borrower and lender.

That is exactly the reason a successful global marketing agency's Surrey Office contacted Cashflow Bridge. Here, their Finance Director* explains...

Having known Cashflow Bridge's (CFB) Founder, Carole Roe, for over 30 years, I had personal experience that her team would be able to assist us in a complex and urgent finance requirement. In the past Carole has never let me down; finding solutions in the most difficult of situations. Despite the COVID pandemic, this proved no different. I was passed to CFB's Managing Director, Kevin Weaver – he was very responsive and acted quickly on our behalf. Within a day a variety of finance options were presented – a mix of cleverly thought out problem solving proposals delivered with pinpoint accuracy.”

The fact that CFB has relationships with all UK lenders always results in very specific and specialist lending being arranged. I can trust that CFB are able to match us with the most appropriate lender – it's this borrower/lender relationship that often proves invaluable long term. In this case, our finance was presented, proposed to the lender and agreed within days, with monies transferred promptly.

Using CFB is a very straightforward process. Any queries you may have are dealt with quickly, and because they place such value on the personal touch every step of arranging your finance is easy, simply and uncomplicated.”

Enquiries will be met with optimism, enthusiasm and professionalism; filling you with reassurance and peace of mind, as a result I have no hesitation in recommending Cashflow Bridge.”

Managing Cashflow & Working Capital

Having the right finance in place is one of the most important things a business can do – it brings financial certainty and it helps a business manage it's cashflow and working capital, both of which are essential to maximise growth, take advantage of future opportunities and in the current pandemic climate help with business recovery.

FACT: 30% of SMEs fail in their 2nd year due to lack of cashflow

Worryingly, many SMEs are still unsure as to the most suitable type of finance for their business needs and where to source it from – with many mistakingly thinking they can only approach their banking provider. Applying for the wrong loan, with the wrong lenders, results in rejections which can seriously damage a business's credit score. Whilst there are many different lenders in the marketplace, many will only deal with certain businesses, or will have caveats attached based on turnover, profit, loss, sector etc. - this type of information is not always common knowledge which is why so many SMEs are being refused finance in today's climate.

At Cashflow Bridge the communication channels have always (even during lockdown when much lending was on hold) been open between finance providers; this means changes to lending criteria is always known – this again, results in only approaching suitable lenders for sound lending approvals on an SME's behalf.

Now, as lockdown eases and the Government is pushing for economic recovery programmes, many lenders now are reopen for business 'as usual'.

FACT: 50% of SME fail after 5 years due to lack of cashflow

Cashflow Bridge - Trusted By 1,000s of Businesses

That's why so many businesses are trusting Cashflow Bridge – independent broker – for expert financial advice. Not only will Cashflow Bridge guarantee to find you the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate, but it will be arranged in record time and often cheaper than if you were to go direct.

Access To Finance

This is because Cashflow Bridge has access to the whole of the UK lending market, and without being tied to any lenders, contracts or targets the most suitable finance is arranged individually for each and every business.

What's more, Cashflow Bridge, due to its expertise and independence, has fast track status with many lenders – seeing applications processed and approved in record time.

Tailored Finance Solutions

Due to the expert knowledge and experience of the Cashflow Bridge Team, many finance options can be tailored, adjusted and amended so they provide targeted solutions. There is no scatter gun approach – each and every application is a skilful application to ensure a successful outcome, with excellent terms and superb rates.

No Charges

When arranging your finance, Cashflow Bridge make no charges or fees to their services or advice. They are remunerated directly by the lender without any hidden costs attached to your loan.

* For anonymity and confidentially, the Cashflow Bridge client in question within this article has chosen to remain anonymous.

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