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  • Cashflow Bridge – the friendly face of finance!

    Posted: 28th February 2018

    It came as little surprise to us when The Telegraph reported on the poor service and relationships SMEs have with their banks.

    What an SME does have is options, way beyond the bank. What an SME doesn’t have is time. That’s where Cashflow Bridge comes in. Read more...

  • Kicking Off "write your own story"

    Posted: 15th February 2018

    Check out our adventures on this inspirational trip to Ghana. As trustees to Kicking Off, we're here to help with preparations for the next football tournament on 17th February. Read more...

  • Show Your Balance Sheets Some Love This Valentine's Day

    Posted: 14th February 2018

    Red may be the colour of love, but it is most definitely not the colour you want your bank balance sheets to be.

    Time to get back to black – and an unsecured or secured loan could be just the answer you’re looking for. Read more...

  • Kicking Off ‘Game Plan' – To Raise £££ For Charity Tournament On 17th February

    Posted: 13th February 2018

    Starting with £3 Text Donations – KICK to 70007 

    It's time to work on our ‘game plan’ for 2018.

    And to ‘get the ball rolling’, a new and exciting football tournament, in Ghana, on 17th February. Read more...

  • Practical Help to Pay Corporation Tax Bills

    Posted: 29th January 2018

    As many of us look at paying off our Christmas credit card bills, many SME business owners are facing the daunting task of paying their next corporation tax bill. Read more...

  • Unsecured Loans for the Construction Industry

    Posted: 18th January 2018

    As the evenings get lighter, and Winter soon becomes Spring, the construction industry once again picks up.

    New contracts are won. New builds are started. Yet after the seasonal low of December, where does the working capital come from to purchase building materials, employ additional staff and invest in equipment? Read more...

  • Delivering Finance Fast to the Courier Industry

    Posted: 15th January 2018

    Delivering Finance Fast to the Courier Industry

    Logistical courier company, Loop Logistics, found themselves in a position to expand. In order to do this properly they needed a cash injection. Needing to raise capital, and quickly so they could maximise the growth opportunities presented to them, they looked at mid term loan options. Read more...

  • And the Winner is...

    Posted: 12th January 2018

    In November, we launched a competition to encourage you to follow us on Twitter. 

    Well, the winner has been drawn, and that winner is...


  • New Year. New Business Opportunities

    Posted: 10th January 2018

    As the New Year fast approaches many businesses find it a good time to look at the future. Look to expand, to grow, to invest.

    Maybe that’s new technologies, new premises, mergers and take-overs or new offerings to their existing portfolio. Either way, none of this can be done without hard cash. Read more...

  • Kicking Off 2018 With a Winning Team!

    Posted: 9th January 2018

    There’s a lot of things we at Cashflow Bridge want to achieve in 2018.

    Not only for businesses like yours - securing the right funding, at the right rate, from the right lender – but also to the world we live in too! Read more...

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