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  • SME Finance - Beyond the Bank

    Posted: 16th November 2017

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that financing an SME business revolves exclusively through your bank.

    Well, think again!

  • Dread Wading Through Murky Financial Waters? Everything's Crystal Clear With Cashflow Bridge!

    Posted: 13th November 2017

    At a time when Blue Yorkshire Ltd’s continued growth presented a natural point in which to expand the business, they needed to secure a finance option that ticked all the boxes.

    After an initial look at options, providers, terms and rates, Blue Yorkshire Ltd, realised that they needed help wading through the ‘swamp’ of options seemingly available to them. Read more...

  • Unsecured Funding? Easy as A, B C...

    Posted: 2nd November 2017

    Providing a wealth of funding options to SME businesses that might either struggle to secure finance themselves or are simply overwhelmed by the different products available in the marketplace, is what we do best!

    With over 45 years combined experience, it’s as easy as A, B, C! Read more...

  • Broker of the Year - And The Award Goes to...

    Posted: 24th October 2017

    Fleximize, one of the UK’s largest providers of business loans for SMEs has announced its Broker of the Year winner – Cashflow Bridge’s Leanne Barry! Read more...

  • VAT Bills

    Posted: 21st September 2015

    The sleepless night inducing dark cloud that hangs over our heads.

  • How can Alternative Funding help You?

    Posted: 3rd August 2015

    Alternative business funding is the perfect choice for your business if you have been turned away from traditional channels but need finance to support your business. Alternative solutions for business funding have seen a significant rise in popularity and value provided to business owners. Therefore even if traditional channels are available to you, alternative solutions might be more suitable and profitable for you. Read more...

  • WE can help your business grow!

    Posted: 22nd June 2015
    funding for growth

    With unsecured business loans becoming more competitive, they are quickly becoming a viable option to fund both established growing businesses and new starts.

  • What do you do when banks aren't lending?..

    Posted: 16th June 2015
    alternative lending

    Did you know that Net lending to small businesses (SME’s) through the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme was down in the second quarter of this year by £400m? Read more...

  • Alternative funding - the new bridging finance?

    Posted: 16th June 2015
    bridging finance

    A steady cash flow is vital for all business owners and traditional funding methods such as Invoice finance and overdraft facilities are key in achieving this, however what happens when there is a gap? Read more...

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