Need Help Paying Your Year End VAT Bills?

Posted: 6th January 2020

With all the good will in the world many SME owners either forget or aren’t in a position to put a percentage of their profits aside each month to cover VAT and corporate tax bills.

Then of course, the New Year comes charging in, along with a hefty tax bill.

So how do you pay? You certainly can’t put the Tax Man off.

Well, a flexible cashflow loan can help ease the stress!

Short term business loans are specifically designed to help businesses in a fix – whether that’s to cover unexpected bills, or bills you can’t quite meet, but also put surplus into your working capital fund to assist you in covering day to day operations until you’re back on your feet.

Call us NOW and we’ll give you the best options for your business needs, including an indicative, no obligation quotation so you can immediately gauge how much your monthly repayments will be.

Call 07917 871832 the quicker you call the quicker you’ll enjoy financial stability.

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