Media & Marketing BOOM for CBILS Loans

Posted: 20th August 2020

There has been a boom in applications for CBILS loans by Media and Marketing Agencies. We are inundated with SMEs in these industries who require the flexible and cost effective lending that the Government backed CBILS scheme offers.

We are putting together sound, professional applications for companies who need a successful outcome, rather than risk the complex application process that, should they get wrong, could result in a refusal. Instead, they are trusting us here at Cashflow Bridge, to put the entire application together, including critical supporting evidence to secure that vital yes!

FACT: We arrange CBILS loans of up to £350k  

On average, your CBILS application will take less than a week from start to finish – that's from your initial contact with our expert team, to having your application approved and monies transferred into your account; often it is arranged in just 36hrs!

FACT: We have 90% of our applications approved; higher than the national average of just 50%

CBILS loans boast...

Refused Finance? Don't worry...

Yet, don't despair if your SME has been refused a CBILS loan previously. There are many reasons you might not qualify, including your business being in distress before the COVID pandemic, a negative balance sheet and trading for less than 3 years. Yet, there are many lenders – traditional, alternative and more dynamic - offering additional loan options for businesses who do not meet the CBILS criteria.

FACT: With our help you will secure the right finance, with the right lender, at the right rate – guaranteed!

We have been helping all industries such as construction and manufacturing, not just media, secure finance during the pandemic. We have seen an influx in finance requests which have been successful with our help. This is because we know which lenders to approach, which lenders prefer which industries, backgrounds and profit/loss trading history. This means our applications are met with success, not refusals, and thus not having any detrimental effects on a business's credit history and score.

Why Your Business Needs A Loan...

Cashflow loans are vital in securing financial stability over the forthcoming months. Cashflow and working capital enables businesses to take advantage of growth opportunities that are presented to them, enables production to be kept on track, can secure better terms with suppliers and bring employees back in from furlough. Additionally, it helps those businesses who have been forced to temporarily close during lockdown to reopen and bring their businesses back to profitability again.

No Charges, No Fees...

Call us today – we're here to help – with our honest, impartial and independent advice. We make no charges or apply no fees to assist you with your lending as we are remunerated by the lenders directly. We boast fast track status with many lenders which can see your lending arranged far quicker, and usually at lower rates, than if you were to go direct.

So what are you waiting for? Start your COVID cashflow recovery today by calling Carole, Founder & Managing Director, on 07785 596053 or email

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