Hungry for Finance, Not Yesterday’s Fish & Chip Paper

Posted: 8th March 2018

Between the freezing, Baltic weather conditions brought on from ‘the beast from the east’, and the KFC chicken scandal, it seems that the major Carillion crisis is somewhat yesterday’s fish and chip paper.

However, the reality is many businesses are still, and probably will forever be, grossly out of pocket. Yet, the financial well being of the construction industry is still vital sustenance to the UK economy.

A business with the right finance starter, main (even dessert) finance will grow, it will succeed – it will be nourished, feed and fuelled!

If you will, imagine Cashflow Bridge to be like a favoured Chef to the construction industry - we fuel businesses with rich and filling finance, tailored to their needs.

Whether your business needs an unsecured loan, to protect its assets and collateral – often preferred by newly established and start up companies, or a secured loan – often for longer standing companies - we will find the perfect menu of finance options for you!

Just as you would peruse a mouth watering menu, we peruse the whole of the market. We expertly match your requirements (imagine if you will you were ordering a prime piece of steak and wanted it cooked to your exact requirement). We find a selection of lenders who can offer the exact finance, all at the right rate. What’s more, you don’t pay us a ‘tip’ – we take our remuneration directly from the financier.

And because of our expert knowledge in the industry, and our reputation, we are able to process your application quicker, and often with more preferable rates, than if you were to go direct.

With loans of up to £5 million pounds, what are you waiting for? Get a taste for the right finance by getting in touch with us today.

For more information on Cashflow Bridge’s funding services, such as unsecured and secured loans, start up finance, stock funding, consolidation, short and long term loans, including advice and an  immediate, no obligation indicative offer, contact the team today on  07902 032 738 or email




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