How Does A Business Stay In Business?

Posted: 26th November 2018

You need cashflow. You need investment. You’re likely to need funding.

Did you know that 20% of businesses fail in the first year?

Did you know that 30% fail in their 2ndyear?

Or that 50% fail after 5 years?

Working capital and expansion plans don’t just come from nowhere. Some of the UK’s most successful business, both young and old, new and established, use finance to help them achieve their growth plans or simply to keep up with the competition.

Perhaps you need to buy new machinery to increase productivity? Need to invest in new product development testing to stay ahead of the competition? Perhaps you have an opportunity to buy in to a new business? Need larger premises? Or simply, you need extra funds to cover an unexpected bill or breakdown?

An unsecured or secured loan, short or long term, can help with this. We have access to the entire UK market because we are one of the UK’s few 100% independent brokers. We know which lenders will lend to which types of businesses. This means we’ll only approach lenders who will make you an offer, not turn you down. We can even provide indicative quotes to give you an idea of options and costs before proceeding.

We can arrange loans from £5,000 up to £5 million. We can arrange loans that don’t incur set up fees, early repayment charges and offer payment holidays.

Arranging your finance through us is easy...

Contact us today and see why we are one of the UK’s most trusted and respected independent brokers. Call our managing director, Kevin Weaver, today on 07917 871832 or email

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