How Do I Know If My SME Needs A Loan?

Posted: 9th October 2020

There are many reasons why a business will look at taking out a business loan. Here are the most common...

Do You Need To Increase Working Capital for Growth?

Yes! Then you need a business loan. 

A business loan helps you increase productivity, giving you a boost to your working capital.

You can increase production, output, purchasing additional stock, upgrade equipment and machinery, take on new staff and move to larger premises for example.

All of these things need cashflow and working capital.

Do You Need To Improve Your SME Credit Score?

Yes! Then you need a business loan.

A business loan gives your business a credit score; a score that’s more important than many businesses appreciate.

This can be advantageous when negotiating new terms with suppliers for instance. Building a strong credit score helps you to secure better terms and rates for additional lending needs in the future.

Do You Need Help With Long Term Financial Security?

Yes! Then you need a business loan.

Forget thinking that business loans are for failing companies. Without cashflow a business will fail – this is a fact!

50% of businesses fail within 5 years due to lack of cashflow.

Cashflow dries up, they are unable to progress, business halts and ultimately ceases to trade. Cashflow loans allow smart business owners to seize the day, seizing growth opportunities, securing future growth.

Do You Need To Reduce Personal Risk?

Yes! Then you need a business loan.

Now, more than ever, businesses are advised against using personal finances to fund their business. By taking out a business loan, like an unsecured loan, you can try to avoid any personal assets - like a house or car - being seized should the worst happen.

Our experience in the UK lending market means we are best placed to advise SME businesses on the right type of financial loan, from a huge choice available on the market – here at Cashflow Bridge we guarantee to find you the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate. And now a huge array of lending opportunities are out there!

100% independent, we are not tied to any lenders, have no contracts or targets to meet and no incentives to be gained by placing your business with a specific lender. We only offer unbiased, honest and impartial advice to ensure you get the right advice and the right finance for your business.

A business loan comes in many forms not just traditional bank loans. Our experience means we can assess your exact needs and advise upon loans including:

Alternatively, it might be that during this COVID-19 pandemic your business is suitable for the Government backed CBILS lending scheme. As authorised and approved brokers to the scheme we can arrange CBILS loans of up to £500k – it's a complex application process, and many SMEs are receiving declines due to errors in their application. However, our expertise has seen a 90% acceptance rate for our clients Vs a mere 50% nationwide.

To discuss the right time for your business loan contact us today – call 07785 596053 or email

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