Have You Been Refused Business Finance?

Posted: 13th December 2021

There could be many reasons why your business has been refused SME finance, whether you are a new start up or established company.

Just because you’ve been refused business finance does not deem you a bad proposition and you certainly haven’t been blacklisted or ostracised forever. It’s just the lender you approached couldn’t help. There are plenty of lenders out there who can, and who will lend to you, you just need to know who to ask.

We know exactly who to ask. We only approach lenders who we know will approve your finance application so it does not risk your credit score in the future. There are no refusals with our help, only firm yeses to aid your business.

Our experience and expertise mean we carefully qualify your request before making contact with any lenders. Essentially we assess your risk potential, we look at your trading figures, balance sheet etc. We are able to approach sympathetic lenders who can appreciate any recent trading struggles you’ve had, any loss of major clients for instance and future prospects.  All of this information, properly presented to lenders by our expert team, ensures your finance is approved by financiers who genuinely want to help your business. 

Being refused finance is more common than you might think. Often, it is simply down to the lender having very strict terms for borrowers to meet, in particular traditional and high street banks.  Yet, today’s lending market is huge, far from limited to your high street bank.  That’s why, we believe, it’s so important for a business such as yours to use an independent broker such as Cashflow Bridge. Not only do we have access to traditional finance companies but also dynamic lenders, newer flexible providers, alternative finance options and multifaceted solutions.

With access to the entire UK lending market we, here at Cashflow Bridge, will be able to agree business lending that suits your needs, whether you have a bad credit score or simply no credit history.  That’s because we are an independent broker (one of the few in the UK) so without any ties, contracts or targets we are free to approach all lenders to ensure you get the very best deal.

Overall, the mood for lending is extremely positive. “Lenders are literally ready, eager and waiting to fund your business.” comments our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver.

We are able to provide indiciative quotes so you can gauge how much your lending could cost.   If you would like to proceed then we even deal with all the administration on your behalf. 

And, to make things even better, due to our coveted fast track status with many lenders, we arrange your SME finance far faster and at better rates than if you were to go direct.

Our  professional financial advice to you is 100% independent, honest, unbiased and transparent. What’s more, it’s free too! We are renumerated directly by the lender, without any hidden costs or charges associated to your lending.

We can arrange a whole host of SME busines finance, including:

Call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, directly today on 07917 871832 or email his team at info@cashflowbridge.co.uk

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