Hacks To Manage A Team Remotely During Coronavirus Crisis

Posted: 6th April 2020

This is vital as social distancing dictates this action is necessary in a bid to curb infection rates.

Yet, how do you transition your workforce from office to home and keep them motivated?

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but communication is key to all of this. It’s very easy for ‘out of sight, out of mind’ to kick in, simply assuming our colleagues are OK.

Did you know... 16% of global companies are actually fully remote!
So let’s make it work for you and your team!

“Good Morning”

Factor into your morning a call with each of your team for updates and progress. This interactive, but also caring side, goes a long way in motivating your team.

Keeping In Touch

We’re all in this together. It’s therefore vital we stay in touch. When you’ve gone from a busy and sociable office environment, suddenly into a quiet house, it can feel like a very isolating experience for many.

You need to all keep in touch. Use all available communication tools... emails, phone, Skype, instant messenger, FaceTime, Houseparty etc.

Establish Routines

As many of your team are likely to be juggling home life and work it’s important that everyone has a routine. Set out a rough timetable and share with colleagues – it may be they find it very helpful but make sure they know it’s flexible and not carved in stone.

Be Flexible

Given many of your team will not only be working for you, but now as part time teachers too, be flexible in the hours your team can work. Revisit ‘core’ hours where possible.

Be Clear

Be clear on deadlines and achievables. Set out realistic goals and attainable plans for your team – share with them revised company objectives and timelines. Keep everyone in the loop.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Arrange a virtual coffee break. A time when all your team come together - on FaceTime or Skype for instance - when everyone can have a virtual and social ‘coffee and a catch up’ together.

Employee Of The Day

Why not have an employee of the day or week? Praise individuals for effort, achievements – even something humorous like juggling a cookery lesson with their children whilst on a progress call to you!

Did you know... 40% of global companies actually run their operations on a partially remote basis!

We’re in this together. We will beat this and come through these unprecedented times. For the moment, we adapt to change – after all, change is one of the only guarantees in life.

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