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Posted: 2nd July 2018

We recently announced our new Managing Director appointment of Kevin Weaver.

In keeping with our service ethics of being friendly, approachable and amenable, we have caught up with Kevin, so you, our valued clients, both new and old, can get to know him as well as we have.

What Do You Hope to Achieve as Cashflow Bridge Managing Director?
As a company, Cashflow Bridge already boasts many special qualities. I want to really help push the business forward. I want to bring it to the masses, so that every business has the chance to get the right finance for their needs, from a wide choice of options, not just what they might think is available from a bank or building society. SME businesses are the backbone of the British economy and if I can help them thrive and growth, with Cashflow Bridge’s help, then my work is done!

How Do You Approach Change?
Having been instrumental in bring alternative finance to the UK I am acutely aware of change – after all, it’s the only guarantee in life! I believe we should be open to change, embrace it, and not fear it. The financial market should always be changing to keep in line with the UK and global economies. Complacency is not my thing – helping businesses to move forward is.

What Was Your Career Path Like to Get To Where You Are Today?
I started my career, straight from school, in the sales arena. From here I moved into Banking and quickly found a passion for the finance market. It wasn’t long before I became the youngest Branch Manager at HSC (part of HSBC) at just 24. I worked with courage and conviction and I regularly earned many awards, including Top Achiever, Top Performer and Best Branch; what’s more I was also selected to partake in their Advanced Management training as a result of my performance.

What Is Your Greatest Achievement So Far In Your Career?
I am particularly proud of being a key player in brining alternative finance to the UK. I am passionate about businesses, new and old, large and small, finding the perfect finance solution to their needs. I am a great believer in ‘one size not fitting all’ and I was also disappointed when traditional banking methods could not help start ups or established businesses. Alternative finance offers a whole host of cost effective solutions to businesses that suit their own individual needs, either long or short term.

What Do You Believe Are Your Core Values?
Without doubt, my integrity, my knowledge and the speed in which I can deliver a finance solution to a client. Traditional banking is slow, often to the detriment of a client’s immediate need. I can deliver a tailored, cost effective solution, and fast.

What Qualities Suit You Best To Cashflow Bridge
Just like Cashflow Bridge, I do not believe in a ‘scatter gun’ approach when speaking to lenders for finance on my customer’s behalf. This has a negative effect on their credit score and essentially is a waste of time for everyone. I believe in a targeted, specific approach that comes with getting to know the customer’s exact requirements. This information, with my outstanding knowledge of the industry and the lenders in it, means I can approach the right lender for that customer, without the risk of rejection.

Who Are Your Peers?
Genuinely, Carole Roe, Founder and Managing Partner of Cashflow Bridge is a person who I greatly admire. Carole has built several leading broker businesses up from nothing to become market leaders. She has never been compromised on quality, integrity and independence. That’s the biggest reason for accepting the position here at Cashflow Bridge, knowing that I would be working with professionals like Carole.

So let Kevin and his team at Cashflow Bridge help you find the right funding, from the right lender, at the right rate – contact Kevin today on 07917 871832 or email

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