Entrepreneurs Are ‘Alive & Kicking'

Posted: 15th January 2020

Oh yes, the spirit of entrepreneurs, shows a report this week, is alive and kicking!

Welcome news, especially in gloomy and depressing January.

A record level of new start ups in the UK has been set – for the second year running!

That means a whopping 681,704 new businesses were set up last year.

This is brilliant news for SMEsthe backbone of the UK economy, who bring in a huge £2 trillion a year to the UK’s financial system!

Yet, cashflow has always been the problem and always will be the problem for SMEs. However, ‘cashflow is King!’

FACT: 20% of start-ups will fail in their first year due to cashflow.

This is why, if you’ve set up your own new business, or have recently set one up, you need to consider the right financial support.

FACT: 30% of start-ups will fail in their second year due to cashflow.

Loans and lending aren’t just for failing businesses. The right finance– there’s a huge choice of tailored and specific SME finance on offer – actually helps a business to grow.

FACT: 50% of start-ups will fail in their fifth year due to cashflow.

The right finance can help a business to...

FACT: Cashflow loans will help businesses to become stronger; to thrive and to seize opportunities.

As an independent broker, we have been sourcing loans and lending to SMEs for years – each month we arrange over £2million in finance; whether that’s secured, unsecured, long term or short term.

Our unique 100% independent status gives us privileged fast track status with most lenders; seeing us arrange your finance quicker and usually cheaper than if you were to go direct.

What’s more, and importantly, we have access to all UK lenders – lenders who you won’t even know operate. We have traditional lenders, dynamic, conventional and innovative; and those who actively support entrepreneurial start-ups.

Our knowledge of the lending market means we know exactly what lenders to approach on your behalf, meaning you only get offers not refusals and as such your credit rating isn’t affected!

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