Dread Wading Through Murky Financial Waters? Everything's Crystal Clear With Cashflow Bridge!

Posted: 13th November 2017

At a time when Blue Yorkshire Ltd’s continued growth presented a natural point in which to expand the business, they needed to secure a finance option that ticked all the boxes.

After an initial look at options, providers, terms and rates, Blue Yorkshire Ltd, realised that they needed help wading through the ‘swamp’ of options seemingly available to them.

In stepped Cashflow Bridge – ready, at an instant, to stride through the murky waters of finance and loans and present clear and transparent finance options.

“It’s fair to say I didn’t know where to start when it came to looking into a business loan for our expansion plans.” explains James Poole, Director of Blue Yorkshire Ltd.

“I wanted a good deal, from a reputable lender, but going through all the small print was both onerous and daunting.   Thankfully, Cashflow Bridge took all of the hard work out of the entire process.”

Specialising in finance options for SME businesses, Cashflow Bridge offer a service that is both personal and professional, making each client feel comfortable in their quest to find the right funding for them.    

James continues, “Shortly after I’d made contact with Cashflow Bridge, discussed what it was I needed my loan for and a bit of background on my company, they quickly came back with a number of options.  Each of these options met our needs along with some very favourable rates.  It was simply a case of us deciding what type of funding suited us best.”

“From start to finish the process was manageable, saving us time and a great deal of effort.”

Whilst experts in their own field, many SME businesses find sourcing the right finance a daunting task. Not only the research but battling through the paperwork and keeping on top of the whole process;  as well as worrying about assets, collateral and security commitments.  

James concludes, “The whole time we were dealing with Cashflow Bridge we had peace of mind that everything was running smoothly.  Their communication channels are excellent and you always know where you are in the process.”

“For a more efficient way of using your time when it comes to looking into business finance I’d certainly recommend Cashflow Bridge, without hesitation.”

For more information on Cashflow Bridge’s funding services, such as unsecured and secured loans, start up finance, stock funding, consolidation, short and long term loans, including advice and an immediate, no obligation indicative offer,  contact the team today 07902 032738 or email

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