Confused? Then Ask Me A Question About Your Loan Application

Posted: 24th October 2018

We have arranged funding for thousands of businesses and as a result we know exactly the right questions to ask in order to arrange the most suitable loans and finance for each and every business.

We’d always recommend you use an independent broker – like us here at Cashflow Bridge to ensure the right funding. Not only can we save you time but we can provide instant, no obligation indicative quotes. We can manage all the admin on your behalf and usually have the monies in your account within days. Something that’s near impossible if you were to go to lenders directly.

However, here are some key questions you should be asking when applying for your business loan:

And also, some key questions your lender should be asking you:

That’s because, without the right information you won’t get the right funding. Our careful qualifying questions ensure we get you the right funding, from the right provider, at the right rate. We know what lenders to approach in order to have your application accept and not rejected! For us this is quick, as you’re probably guessing, it’s a lot of leg work for you. We don’t charge for our services, we are paid separately by the provider. For you, it’s a win, win!

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