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Posted: 26th January 2021

Here, Kirsty shares her experiences of using Cashflow Bridge to arrange her company’s CBILS loan. Encouraging fellow SME businesses to take advantage of this Government backed lending scheme whilst they still can.

“We first applied through our bank, whose misunderstanding of the complex CBILS application, meant they submit the wrong information and a refusal resulted. We then tried again through a second and third broker. I strongly believed that we qualified but all this misrepresentation of our company was worrying. I didn’t want a negative impact on our credit rating, but did want to access the scheme.” Kirsty details.

That’s when, at the end of her tether, Kirsty contacted Cashflow Bridge to arrange her business CBILS loan.

Elaborating, Kirsty continues, “We were rejected three times after being told it would be easy to arrange. Yet declines with no reasoning, rational or explanation would come back to us. Thank goodness a fellow business recommended Cashflow Bridge, who arranged our £230k CBILS loan in around two weeks! 

CBILS – the flexible & versatile lending solution
As a rapidly expanding and energetic PR company, with offices in the UK and Sydney,
Milk & Honey PR saw the CBILS loan as an opportunity they simply had to seize. The loan would assist in their ongoing growth plans. This Government backed CBILS lending scheme made sound economic sense, complimenting their growth plans amidst unknown markets including Brexit and the pandemic.

“Our growth has been rapid. We have grown from one person to a team of 30 in four years. Despite economic challenges, we still grew 48% over 2020, having doubled revenues the previous two years. Our current financial position is not represented at Companies House, due to the time lag in filing. Cashflow Bridge had the knowledge and experience to look at our actual performance numbers and what we have achieved and forecast. They then cleverly converted our actual performance into a viable ledger, which completely simplified the entire CBILS process." 

Cashflow Bridge took the time to really understand us as a business and our future goals. Every step of the process was methodically explained to us. That ensured accurate and pertinent information was included in the application.  It gave us confidence that our CBILS application wouldn’t be refused again – and we were right!”  

Kirsty continued, “Securing this CBILS loan quickly, thanks to Cashflow Bridge, has meant that we’ve immediately been able to recruit a further six employees to our Milk & Honey PR hive.  This not only helps our future plans as a business but also helps the treasury as we continue to add to the UK’s employment rates and economy.” 

I would actively encourage fellow SMEs to apply for a CBILS loan whilst they still can.  The economic reality is that they are a flexible and low rate lending option that assists with a company’s growth and expansion plans.”

Cashflow Bridge is an approved independent broker, authorised to arrange CBILS loans for up to £500,000, with benefits including: 

Yet hurry! The CBILS loan scheme ends on 31st March 2021.
Applications must be submitted by this date, if not sooner, as some funders will close their books early due to high demand.

Curious to learn more about the ease of arranging your CBILS?
Call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, directly today, on 07917 871832 or email the team on info@cashflowbridge.co.uk

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