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  • S T O P P R E S S

    Posted: 18th June 2018

    Cashflow Bridge Announces New Managing Director

    Cashflow Bridge is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Managing Director, Kevin Weaver. Read more...

  • Time to Invest As Government To Increase Number of Small Businesses Supplying Public Sector

    Posted: 10th May 2018

    As we said a month or two ago, for much of the press, the Carillion collapse appears to be yesterday’s fish and chip paper.

    Yet, this week – w/c 9th April – the Government as announced, in light of the Carillion disaster, that it is to increase the number of small businesses supplying the public sector. Read more...

  • What’s In A Name?

    Posted: 30th April 2018

    A good question! Well, for us, our name means everything – for you!

    We are the ‘bridge’ to your ‘cashflow’ needs – Cashflow Bridge. Read more...

  • No Better Time to Invest

    Posted: 6th April 2018

    It was recently reported in the press that a mere 4% of SMEs said that they would put their investment and growth plans on hold due to Brexit, proving that there’s no better time to invest. Read more...

  • Acrostic - Marathon Madness

    Posted: 21st March 2018

    An acrostic poem - an ode to the marathon training by our Director, Carole Roe on #WorldPoetryDay this March, 21st.  Read more...

  • “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship”

    Posted: 19th March 2018

    It is true, “Beware –little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship” – and we’re not talking about sailing.

    No, this quote, by Benjamin Franklin, couldn’t be better placed when talking about your finances. Read more...

  • Hungry for Finance, Not Yesterday’s Fish & Chip Paper

    Posted: 8th March 2018

    Between the freezing, Baltic weather conditions brought on from ‘the beast from the east’, and the KFC chicken scandal, it seems that the major Carillion crisis is somewhat yesterday’s fish and chip paper. 

    However, the reality is many businesses are still, and probably will forever be, grossly out of pocket. Yet, the financial well being of the construction industry is still vital sustenance to the UK economy. Read more...

  • Cashflow Bridge – the friendly face of finance!

    Posted: 28th February 2018

    It came as little surprise to us when The Telegraph reported on the poor service and relationships SMEs have with their banks.

    What an SME does have is options, way beyond the bank. What an SME doesn’t have is time. That’s where Cashflow Bridge comes in. Read more...

  • Kicking Off "write your own story"

    Posted: 15th February 2018

    Check out our adventures on this inspirational trip to Ghana. As trustees to Kicking Off, we're here to help with preparations for the next football tournament on 17th February. Read more...

  • Show Your Balance Sheets Some Love This Valentine's Day

    Posted: 14th February 2018

    Red may be the colour of love, but it is most definitely not the colour you want your bank balance sheets to be.

    Time to get back to black – and an unsecured or secured loan could be just the answer you’re looking for. Read more...

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