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  • FACT: Time Is Money

    Posted: 23rd August 2018

    We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money, and money is time” so we’ll be quick!

    Here at Cashflow Bridge we are a great believer in that phrase, because time is critical – deadlines, lead times, delivery times - time can make or break a business!


  • Funding - Flexible and Fast... What can you do in 2 days?

    Posted: 9th August 2018

    Here’s a question for you – what can you do in 2 days?

    Here’s our answer – arrange funding of £225k for a printing company, with the money in their bank account within 2 days of them contacting us! Read more...

  • Funding and Finance for Life (not just for Christmas)

    Posted: 19th July 2018
    OK, we’re not actually going to talk about Christmas but the principal is the same. We at Cashflow Bridge can provide financial assistance for the life of your business; growing with your business, as and when you need it.
  • Unsecured Vs Secured Loans

    Posted: 11th July 2018

    Ever wondered what the differences are between an unsecured loan and a secured loan?

    Well, let us take a short moment to break down the main advantages and disadvantages of both. Read more...

  • Getting to know...

    Posted: 2nd July 2018

    ... Kevin Weaver, Newly Appointed Cashflow Bridge Managing Director Read more...

  • We're the Calm Bridge To Your ‘Troubled Water' Cashflow Woes

    Posted: 29th June 2018

    Like a bridge over troubled water...”, Simon & Garfunkle

    Whilst we can’t help with the romance in your life, we can provide the bridge to your ‘troubled water’ cashflow woes! Read more...

  • Cashflow Bridge Expands Management Team

    Posted: 25th June 2018

    Proven Industry Leader To Drive Growth Plans - Kevin Weaver Read more...

  • S T O P P R E S S

    Posted: 18th June 2018

    Cashflow Bridge Announces New Managing Director

    Cashflow Bridge is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Managing Director, Kevin Weaver. Read more...

  • Time to Invest As Government To Increase Number of Small Businesses Supplying Public Sector

    Posted: 10th May 2018

    As we said a month or two ago, for much of the press, the Carillion collapse appears to be yesterday’s fish and chip paper.

    Yet, this week – w/c 9th April – the Government as announced, in light of the Carillion disaster, that it is to increase the number of small businesses supplying the public sector. Read more...

  • What’s In A Name?

    Posted: 30th April 2018

    A good question! Well, for us, our name means everything – for you!

    We are the ‘bridge’ to your ‘cashflow’ needs – Cashflow Bridge. Read more...

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