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Posted: 28th February 2018

It came as little surprise to us when The Telegraph reported on the poor service and relationships SMEs have with their banks.

Many SMEs are feeling that they can’t turn to their bank for financial support, finding them unfriendly – they are too big, too intimidating and too inflexible – and instead, many are turning to friends and family for finance support. However, this solution is far from ideal. SMEs, in order to expand and grow need more money than most of those family and friends have in personal bank accounts.

As the broadsheet paper quotes, Commercial Banking Director at TSB, Richard Davies, as saying, “Confidence of small business owners in their ability to raise finance to grow their business is low”.

And this statement by Mr Davies is true; however, many SMEs are mistaken when they think that the bank is their only option. It is not. There are many lenders in the market place ideally placed to fund and support SMEs; whether they are start ups or established businesses.

What an SME does have is options, way beyond the bank. What an SME doesn’t have is time. That’s where Cashflow Bridge comes in.

Mr Davies went on to say that there is a “a huge funding gap which is stunting the growth of these firms”. Yet, as far as we, at Cashflow Bridge, are concerned, this needn’t be the case at all. With our help, your business won’t be ‘stunted’, instead it could flourish!

And here’s how...

Help is at hand for SME businesses. Whether you’re looking for finance to grow and develop, invest in more efficient machinery, open up export channels, or even to cover an unforeseen bill, an unsecured or secured loan through Cashflow Bridge could be just the answer.

Priding ourselves on our customer service – we are the friendly face of finance. We take the time to get to know you, and your company, as real people and as a real business - not a number.

By doing this we can go to lenders that are suited to you business – you get the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate. As specialist brokers we do the ‘leg work’ in finding you the right funding. We research the whole market to find you the most suitable lender – because one lender does not fit all! Our relationships with lenders, due to our knowledge and professionalism, means we are able to get a quicker turnaround on decisions, and often with more favourable rates.

What’s more, we even do all the admin for you too. All you have to do is choose which lender you want to place your funding with from the options we present, and then sign the final paper work, after which your funding is in your bank account a couple of days later.

For more information on Cashflow Bridge’s funding services, such as unsecured and secured loans, start up finance, stock funding, consolidation, short and long term loans, including advice and an  immediate, no obligation indicative offer, contact the team today on  07795 035 903 or email


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