Building Better Finance for Potton Homes

Posted: 14th May 2019

Cashflow Bridge secures £500k funds for Ofsted Outstanding individualised care and education specialist, Potton Homes.

In today’s market place, you might think securing £500k for a specialist children’s home wouldn't be hard.

Well, it was for Potton Homes, until that was they contacted Cashflow Bridge.

Unsuccessfully trying to arrange finance to fund an essential overhaul project including upgrades, redecoration, IT systems and new staff, Bernie Potton, Founder of Potton Homes, had spent months trying to secure funding of half a million pounds; finding himself being refused by banks, lenders and brokers alike.

Here, Bernie tell us how Cashflow Bridge arranged his finance, and in record time.“Asking friends and peers for any recommendations, Cashflow Bridge was mentioned. At the end of my tether I called them; and am I pleased I did.”

Immediately they understood where I was coming from – the challenges I was facing and the hoops I needed to jump through. Whilst others might have been put off, Cashflow Bridge took it in their stride.”

Alan Adams, my contact at Cashflow Bridge, confidently assured me that they would be able to put firm offers on the table, and quickly. And he did.”

Next thing I knew, offers for the full £500,000 were being presented to me.”

Here at Cashflow Bridge, we match lenders and their preferences with your business. This means we only approach lenders who we know will present offers, not refusals.

The whole process was smooth, easy, fast, efficient and utterly professional, delivered with the personal touch; not the unfriendly disposition I was experiencing from big banks and lenders.” Bernie continues.

We believe in maintaining good working relationships. Business is tricky enough so why make it worse by being unfriendly? We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and lenders. We are nice people, and most importantly, good at our jobs – that’s why so many of our clients come back to us time and time again. Call us and see for yourself.

Bernie concludes,“I got a great rate, over a good term, which is flexible and workable for my business – I’m so glad I made that call.”

Want to arrange your own finance as quickly and easily as Bernie? Call Alan today on 07902 032738 or email the team at

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