Brexit Fears See Stockpiling Across UK Industries

Posted: 20th March 2019

Many industries – including manufacturing, food and chemical - across the UK are stockpiling their raw materials in an effort to overcome any immediate boarder holdups, increased prices, supply chain issues and accessibility from 29thMarch.

Why Are Businesses Stockpiling?
The reason many businesses are stockpiling is the worry that raw materials will become difficult to acquire, which will have a devastating effect on their business – production could well grind to a halt if essential components simply aren’t available. This will result in businesses not meeting production schedules, their product won’t be available to send to clients and critically, they won’t be in a position to bill.

How Easy Is It To Stockpile?
Yet stockpiling is actually much more difficult that you’d think. Firstly, where do the funds come from to buy the additional stock? Many businesses simply do not have the cashflow or working capital needed to buy over and above their usual supplies. And what storage? Again, many businesses don’t have the capacity, and additional costs come with using third party warehousing.

Stockpiling To Secure Your Future
It’s a vicious circle – you’re dammed if you do stockpile, you’re dammed if you don’t. It’s a decision only you can make. However, if you feel your business needs to keep up with the competition, stockpiling to protect your future, then at least one area can be made easier with our help.

We will find you market leading stock finance for your business, far quicker and cheaper that you can arrange yourself.

We Can Arrange Large Stock Finance Before 29thMarch
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