Banks Tighten Lending to SME Retailers

Posted: 30th January 2020

As if retailers didn’t have it hard enough, banks are now tightening up their lending to SME retailers.

In fact, in the last two years, banks have reduced their lending to SME retailers by nearly £1 billion!

Well, fear not SME retailers – Cashflow Bridge is here to help!

FACT: You can secure lending for your SME retail business.

FACT: You do not have to secure your lending through your bank.

There aren’t just traditional lenders to contact, we have modern lenders, we have alternative lenders and even overseas lenders.

In fact, you don’t have to go to any other high street bank for that matter! You are free to approach whoever you so wish – including independent brokers such as us here at Cashflow Bridge.

100% independent we have your interests and needs as priority – guaranteeing you the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate.

There’s a huge choice of lending options available to you as an SME retailer...

What’s more, we make the whole process easy for you too. No jumping through hoops... no, after a short telephone conversation we’ll assess your needs, advising you of your options, including indicative quotes so you know instantly how much the right finance will be. We then provide offers of lending for your consideration – and because we know what lenders to approach for your needs means we get you firm offers not refusals so your credit score isn’t affected either! We deal with all the paperwork on your behalf and have the funds in your account far quicker than you could arrange yourself!

So call us today – Carole on 07785 596053 - and see just how easy it is to gain finance stability through the right finance.

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