Bah Humbug or Festive Cheer?

Posted: 27th November 2019

Christmas is coming; oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!

Are your business finances a bit of a pantomime?

Customers playing the villains with their unwillingness to pay on time?

Fed up with banks taking a bah humbug view on your lending?

Well, let us spread a little festive cheer on your finances this year!

That’s because we are an independent broker with access to all lenders in the UK marketplace. Lenders who, unlike high street banks or traditional lenders, haven’t slowed down on their lending.

Did you know that there are lenders in the market place who actively support start up businesses, for example? Or those who offer great rates for established businesses? The point is, each lender is different, just like each SME is different; each with a different set of criteria a business needs to meet in order to secure finance. Yet how do you know where to start? Who would you approach first?

Yet our experience and reputation means not only do we know who to approach on your behalf, but usually we secure faster and cheaper finance for you. As a result we only approach lenders who we know will approve your lending; thus not affecting your credit score. We’ll secure the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate every time!

We’ll even manage all the paperwork for you and break down any ‘technical’ jargon so everything is easy, straightforward and crystal clear.

Choose from a wide range of lending options, including...

What’s more, we have contacts with lenders who are flexible, have no early repayment charges – some who even offer payment holidays!

So get your business into the Christmas spirit this year and talk to us about your festive finances, because Christmas and the New Year are coming... oh yes they are!

Call us today on 07917 871832 or 07902 032738, or email us at

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