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Alternative funding - the new bridging finance?

Posted: 16th June 2015

A steady cash flow is imperative for all business owners and traditional funding methods such as Invoice finance and overdraft facilities are key in achieving this, however what happens when there is a gap?

Funding gaps appear for all sorts of reasons, banks are squeezing overdraft facilities, HMRC are becoming less and less willing to provide repayment plans and as the economy grows the requirement for additional short term cash injections increases.

Traditionally business owners have had to consider other long winded finance options to bridge funding gaps however these often involve taking security on property which is not always an option for some people. These methods often take a long time to process and offer very little flexibility.

The ultimate solution is an injection of cash which is available at short notice with minimal paperwork requirements and no security.

At CashFlow Bridge we specialise in these kind of situations and are often able to provide our clients with same day funding. We work with people on a daily basis whos funding requirement is urgent; so urgent in fact that it may be difficult for their business to move forward until they have accessed the additional funding they require.


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