Acrostic - Marathon Madness

Posted: 21st March 2018

Marathon Madness – yes, I must be mad!

April 22nd – that’s the big day.

Run Carole, run – I know how Forest Gump feels!

Always on my mind; this marathon, it feels, has taken over my life.

Training – day and night, night and day, it never ends.

Howling winds, the dark, the rain, even the snow – I’m training in all weather conditions.

Obviously I’m finding this hard, horrible in fact!

New trainers – there goes another pair!


Miles... oh my gosh, 26.2 of them!

Adrenaline – this pushes you through but it’s so important to pace yourself properly.

Donate, please -

Needing and deserving children in Ghana will benefit gratefully from your hugely kind donation.

Easy? No, it’s hard. It’s horrible. Yet I am sure it will all be worth it!

So close, at 26 miles I’ll be running past Buckingham Palace and down The Mall towards the finishing line!

Swift half... I think I’ll deserve a swift half (or a bottle after this!)

Anyway, I’m doing it, and hoping that all this pain and suffering will not be in vain. I’m trying to raise £2,000 to support Kicking Off, a charity of which many of you know, I’m a proud Trustee. Having just returned from Ghana I have seen, firsthand, how much impact we’re having on some of the poorest communities in the world. Every penny I raise will go to fund the charity’s next project – in fact, £2,000 will be enough fund a whole football tournament, helping hundreds and hundreds of deprived children and young adults; bringing medication, education and most importantly hope and joy. 


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