3 Minute Finance Option

Posted: 20th January 2021

Call our Managing Director, Kevin Weaver, on 07917 871832 or email our expert team at info@cashflowbridge.co.uk and see how you could secure your business finance in around 3 minutes!

It's these qualities that mean we have won many financial industry awards and it's these qualities that see us boast various privileges from UK lenders. We can arrange your finance faster, and usually at better rates, than if you were to go direct.

Kevin and his team explain why arranging your SME finance through an independent broker like us is the best way to get the right finance, from the right lender, at the right rate.

In a short call you tell us why your business needs funding. We'll give you all the options – from a huge range of finance, whether they are short or long term, traditional or dynamic lending options.

We are best placed to suggest what's right for your business and why. We can even provide indicative pricing and no obligation quotations so you can gauge accurately how much your borrowing is going to cost.

We are free to approach all UK lenders because we are 100% independent.

We can help you arrange a whole range of tailored lending solutions, including:

Curious? Then spend 3 minutes talking to us.
Call, or email us today on 07917 871832 or info@cashflowbridge.co.uk!

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